What Size Water Softener Do I Need? Select The Perfect Sized Softener

If you are facing hard water issues, then you always think about purchasing the best water softener for your house, but the major question that arises is What Size Water Softener Do I Need? This is the basic tension of every single person who wants to purchase a water softener.

When you want to purchase the best water softener for your house, then the size matters a lot. Such that if a water softener is soo small then it won’t be enough for the whole house, and if the size is extremely large then it softens a large quantity of water which is not needed.

What Size Water Softener Do I Need? Select The Perfect Size

In the same way, the price is of great importance, as the water softeners are present at different rates. So, you must select the ideal size which is available at affordable rates, and you don’t have to waste your money on a large-sized water softener.

 How to Select the Perfect Size 

Selecting the best size water softener is quite tough, as there are many things that you must consider before selecting the ideal seized water softener. So, in order to calculate the perfect size properly, you’ll need to collect all the information which is required for your house.

  • Water hardness
  • Average water consumption

 Water Hardness 

There are multiple places where the water is hard and thus there is a specific need for the best whole house water softener. But the hardness level varies from place to place and thus you must analyze the hardness level before selecting the perfect sized water softener.

You must check the hardness level of water, if you live at a place where the hardness level is high then you need a softener that has higher grain capacity and can work efficiently to remove even a single particle that is causing hardness.

In the same way, if you live at a place where the water is not much hard, then you can go for a water softener that has a smaller grain capacity, as it is appropriate for you. Thus, there is no need to go for a bigger and more efficient one.

The hardness of water is measured in grains per gallon. If water is not so hard then it requires 1 and 3.5 grains for a single gallon, and for moderately hard water, you need 3.5 to 7.0 grains per gallon for the softening process.  For hard water, there is a need of 7.0 to 10.5 grains per gallon, and for very hard water the minor requirement is 10.5 grains per gallon.

Water Hardness

But if you are having a problem with measuring the hardness level or the grain requirement, then you can easily measure the water hardness with the help hardness testing kit. You can easily purchase these kits from online stores.

One question that arises that which one is best and the conversation leads to 48,000 vs 64,000 grain water softener, well the answer is the one which meets all your requirements is the best one for you.

 Water Consumption 

One more thing that is of great importance while selecting the size of a water softener is the about of water you consume. So, for that, you must count the total number of members in the house, as the water is consumed by every single person in the house.

If you get the idea of the total gallons which are used by your family then you can analyze the total amount of water consumed. It will help in the selection of a water softener because if you select a water softener having the softening ca[pacity lower than your water requirements, then it is quite useless.

Water Consumption

In the same way, if you go for a large and more effective water softener, which can soft water more than your requirement, then it almost quite inappropriate. So, it is best to know about your water requirements and then select the one which can soften that much quantity of water.

Furthermore, you can go for the best rated water softener systems, because they have proper reviews from satisfied customers which will assist you to decide the one which meets all your requirements.

 Calculate Your Water Requirements 

If you want to analyze the water consumption for your own satisfaction, then you can calculate it easily. For that, you need to calculate the total number of people in the house and then multiply it by 75. The resulting amount is the daily water consumption.

Calculate Your Water Requirements

Furthermore, you can use a Water softener calculator excel, which is present online to measure the water requirements. Plus, you can also check the Water softener hardness chart to know about the hardness level at your place.

 Selecting a Softener that Meets All Your Requirements 

After analysing the size of the water softener that can meet your needs, you must look at some features of water softeners that ensure the efficiency of the water softener. If the water softener has all the below-mentioned features it is perfect for you. So, make sure to check all these features carefully.


One more of the most important feature is the capacity of water softener, if a water softener has a capacity to remove all the minerals which cause hardness then you can go for it. One grain of hardness measures up to  1/7000th of a single pound of hardness minerals that are present in water.

So, if a water softener has a grain capacity of 24,000, then it can easily remove about 24,000 particles of hardness before the regeneration process is required. Furthermore, you can measure manually by calculating the water consumption and the grain requirement for one month.

So, if a water softener has a capacity that meets all your requirements, then you can go to that one. One more question that arises is what if my water softener is too big? this question usually arises if you don’t measure the available area before making a purchase.

The best type of water softener is the one which has a maximum capacity and can easily meet all the requirements of your family. So, the answer to your question that what is the best water softener for my home, is the one which has a maximum capacity to soften the hard water.

Measuring the Capacity of Water Softener

So, it is best to measure the area you have at your place before selecting one. It will help you from inconvenience in future. Plus, there are different types of softeners that are available in the market, but you want one with capacity, then you should go for 80,000 grain water softener.

In the same way, if you have well water then you must go for Best Water Softeners for Well Water because it can easily remove all the contaminants from water and make it consumable.


One more thing that you must check is the efficiency of water softener, some water softeners are certified from  NSF/ANSI 44, for their efficiency. According to the requirement of NSF, an efficient water softener must meet the expectations for both the water and salt.

The efficiency of a water softener can be calculated by comparing the total amount of hardness causing minerals that are removed with the total amount of water and salt required to regenerate the whole water softener. There are multiple things that greatly affect the efficiency of the water softener.

One of these things is the automatic regeneration process. Some types of water softeners are designed in a way that they have scheduled the regeneration process. Even though, if the softener is working properly, the regeneration process starts because it has been scheduled.

So, it is preferred to go for the one having no registration or manual regeneration settings, this will help to properly analyze the whole process and to set time according to the requirement. One more thing that greatly affects is the amount of slat used.

There are some people who think that the more salt they add to the softener the more the efficiency is, but it is the opposite. Such that if you add more salt than the required amount then the efficiency of a water softener lowers. So, it is highly recommended that you must analyze the quality of the water softener.

Efficiency of water softener

This can result in an outflow of salts and can result in wastage of money, so you must do proper calculations and adjustments before adding more quantity of salt to the water softener. Thus, if you buy a softener larger than the one you required, it is not a problem. But make sure that you don’t add excess salt in that.

It is highly recommended that you must check the efficiency of the water softener and its working before selecting the one that suits you. One more thing s the type of water you are having in your house. If you have well water then you must go for the best water softener for well water.

 Available Area 

When are going to purchase a water softener then you must analyze the available area properly, because you need to place it in your home. Som, it is best to see the area where you are going to place the water softener. If you are having a small space in your house, then you must go for small-sized.

Because if you go for a large-sized then it would place it in the house properly. So, if you have a small apartment then you must go for a small-sized softener. And if you live in a house with a large space then you can go for a large one, as there is no need to worry about space that you have at your pace.

Thus, the answer to your question that What Size Water Softener Do I Need, is that it depends upon the space you have at your place.

Available Area for water softener

So, selecting the perfect-sized water softener is the most important thing that you can do to make sure you made a good decision. So, measuring the water softener resin tank size is of great importance.

 Regeneration Setting 

The regeneration setting is very helpful for a person who doesn’t know the hope to manage water softener properly. There are multiple types of water softeners that are available in the market. So, you must slecet teh own having proper regenration settigs.

A water softener with a regeneration setting allows you to don’t worry about anything, as all the setting is scheduled and when the selected time comes the registration process starts and the grains are filled automatically without any difficulty.

Regeneration Setting of water softener

So, it is recommended that you check the regeneration setting properly before making a purchase. It will be highly helpful because it helps to save money and time.

 Bypass Valve 

A bypass valve is of great importance because through it you can get the required amount of water within no time. The valve helps in the proper outflow of water, and you can get a large amount of soft water easily. It is important to check the functioning of the valve because it is greatly involved in water outflow.

Bypass Valve of water softener

In the fleck water softener, values are present which helps to outflow water easily. So, it is suggested that you must go for the one having water outlets or bypass valves for proper water flow. Plus, you can go for the best water softener consumer reports, because it can help you decide easily.


If a water softener is difficult to wash and maintain then it becomes tough. We know that every water softener requires some maintenance, which involves the cleaning and washing process. The best water softener system allows you to have easy maintenance and you don’t have to spend time or money on the cleaning process.

Maintenance of water softener

There are different types of water softeners that are present in the market, but you must go to the one that is easy to use and requires no extra maintenance.

 Available Water 

If you live at a place having a minimal amount of water then you must select the one which can be used at that place. Thus, the quantity of water which is available is a big issue that you must check before going for a water softener.

Available Water

In the same way, if you have a large amount of water at your pace then you must go for a large-sized and more efficient water softener, which can meet all your requirements. Thus, select the one which follows all your requirements and is easy to set up.


When you think of buying a water softener then the basic thing you must check is the price of the water softener. The large-sized water softeners are highly expensive and thus you can need to spend a large amount of money in purchasing them.

Price of water softener

Price is of major concern when it comes to buying anything, if something is expensive then you cannot buy it. Thus, you must check the price of the water softener which suits your budget. Such that that water softener must meet all those features which are required in the softening process.


There are multiple accessories that are required for the fitting and setup process. Furthermore, some things are also required after the setup process. So, you must select the water softener which comes with all the useful things which are required.

Accessories of water softener

Every softener doesn’t come with proper accessories, so you must go for the one which has all the beneficial and useful things required in the process.

 Final Verdict 

If you want to purchase a water softener, then the first question is, What Size Water Softener Do I Need? Well, there are two things that are involved in the selection process. The level of water hardness and consumption of water.

So, before selecting the one you must analyze both these matters properly, as they are greatly involved in the selection process. Furthermore, if you are looking for the best water softener, then you can go for Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softenerwhich meets all the requirements for an ideal softener.

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