Maintenance of Water Softener: 7 Tips to Enhance the Lifespan

With the advancement in technology now you can have soft drinkable water even at a place having hard water, Luckily water softeners are made for this process. But after owning this applicable, the major concern is the maintenance of water softener.

Although water softeners are quite low-key when it comes to maintenance, there are some issues that can affect the working and even the life span of the water softener. So, it is suggested to follow proper maintenance quite, so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience.

These are some simple tips which will help you to understand the working of water softener plus how can do maintain it properly.

 Water Softener Maintenance Tips 

There are some tips and instructions which you can follow to main your water softener, it will also help to increase the life span of your appliance and you can easily use it in a long run. It is ideal to put all these tips on the water softener maintenance checklist so that you can follow it easily.

 Check the Salt Levels 

If water softener bis out of salt then it affects its efficiency because it may contain to pass water without proper treatment and the minerals can deposit on the walls of softener. So, the first tip of maintenance of water softener is to check the salt level on regular basis.

Checking the Salt Levels

If you check the salt level then you can also come to know if a water softener is having any other problem. Thus, it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Thus, you must check the salt level, such that it must be present in the amount recommended by the company. So, in order to keep your water softener working efficiently, you must check the amount of salt present in it.

 Use Best Salt 

IIf you want to maintain the working efficiency of your water softener, then you must select the best type of water softener salt. Although there are different types of water softeners which are available in the market you must go for the one which is of good quality having multiple good reviews.

use good quality salt


To keep your water softener in peak condition, you must check it properly on regular basis. Plus, good quality salts will also affect the working efficiency of water softeners and are highly recommended.

 Wash the Brine Tank 

If you have a new water softener, then you must wash and clean it after two years, but if you go for a used one, then it is suggested to clean the whole brine tank carefully every year. This tip is highly beneficial because if the brine tank has some salt deposition then it would also be removed after the cleaning process. Furthermore, if there is some other malfunctioning, then it could also be examined while you wash the tank.

Cleaning the Brine Tank

Thus, this cleaning and washing process plays a great role in the maintenance of a water softener, and if you don’t properly then there are chances that the effect of the whole system might be affected.

 Salt Bridges 

One of the biggest issues that can cause serious problems is the salt bridge. They can affect the working of water softener, so it is highly recommended to examine the system and if you observe any hardened bridge then you should remove it immediately.

Salt Bridges

So, it is one of the tips that you must follow to maintain your water softener, furthermore, it can also help in increasing the life span of the system as well.

 Inspect Your Water Softener 

If you examine and check the whole water softener system after 2 months, then you can check every part of the system carefully and if any part is damaged or not in its usual form then you can also change it. So, examining the whole system from time to time is the best thing that you can do to maintain the water softener, which will also help in the water softener repair.

Inspect Your Water Softener

Checking the whole system is very beneficial because by this you can easily examine each part carefully and there is any problem then you can easily get it fixed. Furthermore, you can look for signs in the water.

For example, hard water can cause dry skin, rough hair, prevent soap from lathering, dull the laundry, and have an earthy taste. So, if you come across any of these signs then you must check the water softener because there must be some problem with it.

 Add Prefilter 

If you want to increase the lifespan of a water softener then you must add a prefilter. A prefilter is designed especially for enhancing the working of a water softener. So, it is also a tip of maintaining the water softener.

Add a Prefilter

A prefilter can easily remove all the suspended particles present in the water. Moreover, you can change it by yourself and there is no need to call a professional.

 Call a Professional 

Even after following all the tips, you still observe some signs of hard water, then it is time to call a professional plumber. Although, it usually not happens if you properly check the whole system on regular basis, there may be some mechanical problems.

call a professional

So, you must contact a plumber or you can call the company so that they could send some professionals for you. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to contact as soon as possible so that you don’t have to face any further problems.

Furthermore, you can check the water softener repair near me on different online platforms to hire a professional plumber for examination of the whole system.

 Common Water Softener Maintenance Mistakes 

There are some common mistakes that must be addressed by multiple people and could lead to decreasing the efficiency of the water softener. Review these issues to know the relevant solution.


Clogs are one of the main issues and they can occur due to two main reasons, such that if the discharge valve is damaged or broken, and the float valve is set quite high. But there is one more reason for clogging, which is the huge amount of calcium and magnesium in water.

If you live in an area where these minerals are present in excess amount in water then you must check your water softener on a regular basis because these salts or minerals can create a clog, but you don’t have to worry about it because these clogs can be removed by using the mixture of vinegar and water which can remove all the build-up present in the system.


But if the discharge valve is broken then you must contact the plumber, so that he could change it. Most people don’t consider it as a problem and they think that if not an issue, but if you don’t take it seriously then it could lead to the damage of the whole water softener and you have to change it.

 Empty Mineral Tank 

The mineral tank must be filled with the required amount of salt, and won’t be kept empty. Because, if the mineral tank is empty then the water would pass untreated and there are chances the hard water mineral cause deposition or build-ups on the inner side of the tank.

Empty Mineral Tank

There are some types of water softeners that have mentioned labels to check the salt level, plus they come with warning labels. But if have a system without any label, then it is your duty to check the amount of salt frequently.

It is a common mistake that is done by many people and it leads to damaging the whole system. So, you must check the amount of salt in the tank to maintain the water softener.

 Adding Excess Salt 

One most mistake which is done by multiple people is that they add an excessive amount of salt in the tank which results in the salt bridges. These salt bridges affect the working of water softeners and they can not work properly.

Salt Bridges

So, you must check the amount of salt before adding it to the tang. Furthermore, it is suggested to put the optimum amount of salt to prevent any inconvenience.

 Problems with Resin 

The resin is the substance with which the calcium and magnesium bind, thus it contains a huge amount of hard water minerals. Furthermore, different resins have different abilities to stick, and thus there is a need to change or regenerate them.


There are different types of resins with different sticking abilities and it is suggested to go for the one which can run for a long time, but unfortunately, these types of resins are rare and quite expensive.

Thus, it is suggested to go for the best water softener resin which takes some time before expiring, but it would be best to change the resin from time time. Furthermore, you can go for water softener resin cleaner, to clean the resins.

 Saturated Filter 

Filters are really helpful when it comes to maintaining a water softener, but the problem is that they expire after some and must be changed. The mistake which is done by many people is that they usually forget to change the filter after some time which then affects the working of the water softener.


So, it is recommended to change the filter with eth passage of time so that you can enjoy drinkable soft water with no interruption.

 Mechanical Failure 

A good quality water softener can last for 10 to 15 years if proper maintenance is done. But after that time it stops working efficiently and it is a time that you should buy a new one, because the old one has expired.

Mechanical Failure

Many people don’t understand this mechanical failure and they spend money on the same old system, but it is a total waste. The best solution to this problem is to buy a new one and sell the old one.

 Buying the Best Water Softener 

There are different types of water softeners that are available in the market, but you must go for the one which is reliable and requires less maintenance. Thus, the Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener is the best water softener system, which solves all your problems and you can rely on this.

Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener

 Final Verdict 

If you have a water softener, then you must follow some tips to increase its lifespan. So, we have explained some tips which are helpful in the maintenance of water softener.

Furthermore, we have also explained some common mistakes which are done by people and by overviewing this article you can have a better understanding of all that stuff, and you will be able to maintain the water softener easily.

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